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About Us

We were the original hardware co-developer with Tonium and sole exclusive manufacturer and supplier of Pacemaker device  from Korea since the year 2007. Due to the bankruptcy of the original owner of Pacemaker device, we happened to hold quite a lot of units of pacemaker inventories. All units have been kept  in a good condition for years and now, only through this on-line shopping site, we decided to sell these inventories with a great discount for music lover who would love to create  his own music . There are 50,000 units of pacemaker devices out there in the world since its first release and now these units we hold are the last units left in whole world from the original manufacturer. 


We are only supplying the hardware device, not firmware or software update service, however, thanks to the kind and great support community of, which is not-profit volunteer community, pacemaker device owner easily can get updates of firmwares and get quite a lot of technical tips etc.


Enjoy your Pacemaker, the untimate music creation device!


Phone  +821052814644

문의해주셔서 감사합니다!

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